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An ignorance called Hunger

Every day nearly twenty five thousand children die because of hunger or hunger related causes, according to the United Nations.
This means that a child dies every three seconds! 

The statistics also say that in the last two decades the percentage of people suffering from hunger has increased drastically. 
The main cause of hunger is poverty. It suggests that to eliminate hunger in the world we first have to eradicate poverty.

Children in Africa, Latin America and Asia are the most affected by the consequences of this evil. Malnutrition is killing many children around the world, and yet it seems that no-one is thinking about it. 
In contrast, the quantity of food available in the world today can feed double the world population.

The question is, why is hunger allowed to exist in our world?
The problem is that the most powerful nations in the world such as United the States, England and China are wasting huge amounts of money investing in new weapons and their own security, when this money could be used to build new companies in poor nations. 
I do believe that to eradicate poverty people must work. 
We don’t want to see children and old people dying in Afghanistan or Iraq any-more. 
We want to see a world without war or poverty. 

In my country the Non Government Organizations (NGO’s) have launched an interesting initiative. 
This initiative exists in many other countries along Africa. 
The NGO's provide food for schools, which means that at the end of their lessons the children each receive a plate of food. 
With this action the NGO's hope to attract more children to school for the simple reason that with education they can eradicate poverty. 
At the same time they are diminishing hunger.

What we can do to help the poor people, and relieve hunger in the world, is to support the organizations which deal with these issues, or if we live in a poor country like myself, we can help them with new ideas. 
I think that every-one can do something to reduce hunger and poverty in the world. Let’s put our hands and minds to work.

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